Eggs Baked In Avocado (FBTH Test Kitchen)

I’ve been hearing a lot about folks baking eggs in avocado and since I’m always looking for easy and healthy fuel ideas I decided to give it a shot. The recipe I chose can be found here.

A couple deviations from the original recipe; I used a toaster oven and made only a single serving. Being one person I only needed one serving.


So , I took my avocado half, scraped some of its insides out and dumped an egg in it. I really should have scooped out more. Egg went everywhere. Also, they want you to dump the egg yoke first. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Then I shoved the thing into a toaster oven preheated to 425F.


20 minutes later this I what I had.


Add a little pepper and there you go.

A couple of notes:
1) The egg white that spilled over turned into a plastic feeling substance. Maybe wipe that up before baking.
2) I didn’t use chive because I didn’t have it on hand. What am I? Wolfgang Puck?
3) The avocado you scoop out can be spread on toast.

Final verdict? This was delish! And with the healthy fats it was satisfying. It was also a breeze to make. I’m definitely putting it in the healthy meal rotation.