Training Plan – Rebel Challenge 2017

In January I’ll be taking on the runDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge. That’s a 10k and 13.1 all in one weekend. Finishers of both get an extra piece of bling. runDisney bling doesn’t disappoint. I figure as long as I train for the longer of the two I’ll be okay.

My training plan comes from Here’s the link to the original article: I’m not a woman, but I’m pretty sure this plan will work for me just fine. For a little brevity I’ve recreated the plan in a table.


My running partner and I had a good laugh at the idea of a 11 mile easy run. Plan starts October 10th. Until then I’m just working on getting back in the habit of running before sunrise. May the force be with me.


Challenge #1 / 10 Miles In 5 Days

I really feel like I’ve been half-assing it on the running front. My progress has been positive, but I really don’t feel like I’ve been pushing myself hard enough.

To change that I’m setting, what would be for me,¬† a ridiculous mileage goal.

10 miles total by 11:59 PM Saturday.

Not sure if I’m gonna run 2 miles a day for 5 days straight or run a couple 3 mile days. Look for daily progress updates.

Anybody else up to the challenge?

Running Day 2015/07/09 I've been living a very sleep deprived life lately and kind of overslept this morning. Not going to beat myself up over it as I only got 4 hours the night before. I still suited up and ran a mile. Lungs were achy. Still glad I did what I did though. 58 days until my first 5K. image image

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. (Did stop)

What a crummy run. As a man with lung disease I have trouble running when the air quality is crap. That was the case today.

As I’m running and struggling to breathe because of smoke in the air I turn a corner and literally run into three firefighters (BTW while I’m sure they were handsome dudes they looked nothing like the ones you see on calendars). Apparently¬† a fence burnt down this morning in my hood.

Long story short after 1.69 miles I thought I just couldn’t run anymore. I only had 0.31 miles to go. After a bit of a walk I got the rest of my two miles in.

Not really stoked about today’s run,¬† but it’s totally motivating me to do better next time.