Training Plan – Rebel Challenge 2017

In January I’ll be taking on the runDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge. That’s a 10k and 13.1 all in one weekend. Finishers of both get an extra piece of bling. runDisney bling doesn’t disappoint. I figure as long as I train for the longer of the two I’ll be okay.

My training plan comes from Here’s the link to the original article: I’m not a woman, but I’m pretty sure this plan will work for me just fine. For a little brevity I’ve recreated the plan in a table.


My running partner and I had a good laugh at the idea of a 11 mile easy run. Plan starts October 10th. Until then I’m just working on getting back in the habit of running before sunrise. May the force be with me.

New PR! (AKA First PR) MY First 5K

Six months ago I started training for the runDisney Avengers 5K in November. I decided I needed a race midway to a) learn how a race worked and b) measure my progress. That first race ended up being the Color the Skies 5k in Ripon California this last Saturday.
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Challenge #1 / 10 Miles In 5 Days

I really feel like I’ve been half-assing it on the running front. My progress has been positive, but I really don’t feel like I’ve been pushing myself hard enough.

To change that I’m setting, what would be for me,¬† a ridiculous mileage goal.

10 miles total by 11:59 PM Saturday.

Not sure if I’m gonna run 2 miles a day for 5 days straight or run a couple 3 mile days. Look for daily progress updates.

Anybody else up to the challenge?

Running Day 2015/07/09 I've been living a very sleep deprived life lately and kind of overslept this morning. Not going to beat myself up over it as I only got 4 hours the night before. I still suited up and ran a mile. Lungs were achy. Still glad I did what I did though. 58 days until my first 5K. image image

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. (Did stop)

What a crummy run. As a man with lung disease I have trouble running when the air quality is crap. That was the case today.

As I’m running and struggling to breathe because of smoke in the air I turn a corner and literally run into three firefighters (BTW while I’m sure they were handsome dudes they looked nothing like the ones you see on calendars). Apparently¬† a fence burnt down this morning in my hood.

Long story short after 1.69 miles I thought I just couldn’t run anymore. I only had 0.31 miles to go. After a bit of a walk I got the rest of my two miles in.

Not really stoked about today’s run,¬† but it’s totally motivating me to do better next time.