I’m Back! (At the Beginning)

I’ve started running again and decided to resurrect my blog. First thing I noticed after cracking open WordPress was that I haven’t posted since September of last year. The whole point of this blog was to document the road to the Avengers 5k at Disneyland, but I stopped blogging months before.

So, I guess some questions a person may have are:

1) Did I get to the Avengers 5k?
I did! And I had an amazing time. My running partner Melissa and I competed the run in about 45 minutes. There’s so many things to experience in a runDisney race and so many runners that it took a bit longer than usual to finish the thing.

2) Why am I starting over?
This one is easy; I just quit. There’s more to than that and I learned a lot about my body, short days, and the cold, but at the end of the day I just stopped running. Also, my wife and I kind of had a baby, too. After five months off though I’m back at it!

3) What’s my next goal?
  The runDisney Rebel Challenge January 2017. That’s a 10k followed by a half marathon in one weekend. Two races, but you get three medals.

I plan on writing more detailed posts about what winter has taught me, my new training plan and the Avengers 5k (what I can remember at least).

Man, I’m so happy to be back!