Operation: Protect Ya Arteries (PYA for Short)

Yeah, we’re going to try this again. At 372.8 lbs I am at my heaviest ever and am physically miserable. My kid is four and I gotta keep this meat suit of mine goin’ for at least 14 more years.

I’ve been listening to Ethan Suplee’s podcast American Glutton in which in which he frequently stresses the need for a plan. Now, there have been plans in the past, but this time I’m taking a different approach.

Past plans have been long ones spanning months. Now we’re going to take it a week at a time. Another part of Op: PYA is daily blog posts with my meal plan, the day’s weight, and the prior day’s fitness tracker stats. Daily posts of this detail are a challenge so there may be some missing here or there. The main thing is finishing each week strong and entering the next week with a new plan.

I do have one long term goal which is a 5K on May 23rd 2020. That’s a ways away though and there’s some basic fitness stuff I gotta work on first.

Today is day one/week one. Let’s do it.


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