Supporting Chubby Knees

Being a runner weighing over 300 lbs I’ve had to find ways to add  support for my knees. I’ve tried a number of devices and thought I’d share the results.

Here’s the disclaimer; I am not a doctor,  orthopedist, sports medicine specialist, wizard or sage. Consult your health care professional on this stuff.

Pro Compression Sleeve


This thing is a turd. There is no hem at the ends so the sleeve rolls down right away. Also, the one seam it does have runs right up the middle of the knee. This causes pinching when the joint is bent. I’m not even going to tell you where I bought this thing. Best avoid it.

McDavid Compression Sleeve


This thing is way better than the Pro one. Notice the seams follow the curve of the knee. No pinching with this thing. Another bonus is that it comes in a XXL. Still folds down a little when I run but is great for recovering after a run. I got this at Sports Authority for about $19.00.

KT Tape Pro


This stuff is too rad. Basically it’s adhesive and elastic strips you apply to the problem joint to build support. It’s definitely one size fits all. Here is how I use it:


An application will last me three to four days if I trim my leg hair. You can shower in it too. I’ve found it at most sporting goods and big box stores but Amazon has the best price on it.

Visit their site and you’ll find a bunch of application videos.

Hopefully you find some of this useful. Questions? Leave me a comment below!


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